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Aluminium Joinery

Aluminum windows and doors

Aluminum joinery is the best alternative for special constructions, offering a high degree of mechanical strength. The painting of this carpentry is done in electrostatic field and can be executed in a wide variety of colors. Different series of profiles are used, from those without thermal barrier to those with high degree of thermal insulation. The mechanical connection of the aluminum is done by crimping and not by the mechanical connection with screws which gives a much longer service life. Aluminum carpentry windows and doors are recommended for business premises, institutions, high traffic shops or schools.

Curtain walls

Curtain walls are the central element in the design and execution of building coatings. VISAN PLAST CONSTRUCT offers a diversity of the system with which even the most innovative architectural concepts can be executed: from curtain walls to horizontal rows of windows with perfect optics to synergetic high-tech curtain walls passing through curtain walls structural. With the comprehensive program of profile systems you can execute the most varied curtain walls from a conceptual point of view.       The advantages of choosing VISAN PLAST CONSTRUCT in carrying out these types of works:  The complete profile system of aluminum and steel;  All types of curtain walls, including double curtain walls;  Mobile mesh with all types of opening;  Innovative curtain wall control technology;  Construction available according to all resistance classes.

Composite panels

Composite panels are preferred in environments with difficult conditions, such as residential and industrial areas, where pollution is intense, and the maintenance and cleaning of these surfaces is easy. Also having the advantage of a large range of shades in which it can be manufactured, the composite panel is widely used in interior and exterior cladding. The installation of the floors is done quickly, these being applied directly to the metal structure, they are easy to maintain and do not impregnate with impurities, the color remaining virtually unchanged over time. The composite panel is made of two outer layers of aluminum with standard thickness of 0.5mm joined by a high density polyethylene core. The resulting sandwhich thickness can be 3, 4 or 6mm, depending on the specific needs. The sandwhich effect ensures vibration damping and non-deformation. Usually composite panels are used in constructions such as: office buildings, malls, banks, hotels, stadiums, exhibition pavilions, industrial buildings, supermarkets, passenger terminals, toll points, petrol stations, tunnels, etc. .

Aluminum facades

Curtain walls can be combined with facade cladding made of composite materials on bonded aluminum, ceramic or other materials (aesthetic grilles or fixed or movable shading systems). We provide various types of finishes for a modern, unique design. The system with which they were designed and built ensures reliability in design and much lower costs than conventional modernization solutions. Aluminum facade systems are used by buildings for several reasons, including temperature and ventilation control. Modern façade systems must include functionality, durability, aesthetics and energy conservation. The facades are mutually compatible with the general objective of improving the environment for those who live and work within the structure. The result is an innovative, practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing building.

Sliding doors in PVC and Aluminum

VISAN PLAST CONSTRUCT offers you sliding and aluminum door systems, including ideal solutions for spaces that require large openings. The sliding systems are characterized by increased diversity, being available in versions with parallel opening, lifting, sliding-swinging or with harmonic opening.  Sliding swing systems combine the advantages of a classic opening with those of a sliding system. They allow efficient ventilation, while saving space. Sliding systems with parallel opening are very practical for rooms with heavy traffic or which require large entrance space, being characterized by ease in handling and wear resistance. Sliding lift systems have the advantage of the fact that they can create a large glazed surface without supporting elements that obstruct natural light. Sliding systems with harmonic opening allow the creation of a space with a large glass surface, being possible to open the entire surface. Characteristics:  The thickness of the glazing entering the door is 24 mm;  Mounting depth is 65 mm and 80 mm for two rail heels and 106 mm for 3 rail heels;  The thickness of the outer wall of the profiles is 1.5 mm;  The doors can be built with 2, 3, 4 or 6 movable gates and possibility of latching on 1 or 2 rails.