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Product description The appearance of a window can also be influenced by the splashes used: depending on the style of the construction or to give the facade an attractive, completely new look. In this case, some rules must also be observed regarding the distribution of the surface of the windows in order to obtain a general harmonious effect. It is important to choose a standard splash format for all windows and doors. The shape of the splashes can negatively or positively influence the aesthetics of the whole window: the vertical distribution gives the windows height, flexibility and lightness, while the horizontal distribution accentuates the width.

Ventilation systems

Product description It effectively removes moisture and prevents the appearance of new mold spots Safe ventilation of the home through controlled air exchange Two ventilation modules, each 125 mm wide There is no unpleasant phenomenon of current inside

Aluminum plating

Product description With the windows in the VEKA profiles it is very easy to add color to your life, as they offer an almost unlimited palette of options: from white profiles and up to profiles used in over 50 colors or wood imitations, either on both sides or just on outside or just inside. Moreover, the vast majority of VEKA systems allow aluminum plating to the outside of the profile. This allows electrostatic painting and thus widens the range of window customization possibilities with any desired RAL color.